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Richard Dare
Highly specialised kitchenware shop in Primrose Hill, London NW1 8UR, can supply full ranges of cookware and kitchen utensils; ideal for the professional and passionate chefs and cooks.

Richard Dare - Kitchen Accessories, Cookware, Tableware, Hanging Systems, Chef's Knives, Primrose Hill, London NW1 8UR

Richard Dare

Richard Dare

93 Regents Park Road
Primrose Hill
London NW1 8UR

Riedel wine glasses
Riedel wine glass

Richard Dare established his shop in 1969, pioneering the supply of serious cookware for the burgeoning interest in cuisine in England.

Today the shop maintains it's position as one of the most delightful and comprehensive specialist kitchen shops in the capital with everything for the cook and wine connoisseur.

A great range of stylish contemporary and classic kitchen accessories, ranging from good quality cookware to chef's knives and gadgets - including Sabatier knives, sushi knives, ceramic knives, cook's knives, French Laguiole knives, wall hanging systems, butcher's blocks, Riedel glassware, Pillivuyt French oven to tableware, Staub Cast Iron cookware. 

An irristible range of tableware includes Nicholas Mosse Irish pottery, Spanish, French and Portuguese Terracotta oven to tableware. The oven to tableware, imported from Provence has a stunning range of colours. There's just about every kitchen utensil you can think of - if you do manage to find something they don't stock - just ask - they're always happy to source it for you.

Laguiole Knives, Staub cast iron cookware, Rosle Kitchen Accessories, Laguiole corkscrews, Table Linens, Cook's ApronsGlassware, Chef’s Knives, Ceramics, Barbeque Accessories, Picnic Hampers, Peugeot Peppermills, Nicholas Mosse Pottery

Wedding List Service and Gift Vouchers available...call the shop for details +44(0)20 7722 9428

Opening hours
Mon-Fri 9.30 - 18.00
Sat 10.00 - 18.00

Chef's Cookware, Richard Dare, Kitchenware, London N1 8UR
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